Ages 13 - 19

The Christ Future Army (TCFA)

The Christ Future Army (TCFA) is where 13 to 19 year old teenagers gather to worship and learn about God in a relevant and timeless way. They are the next generation and we hope to ignite the love of Jesus in their hearts and help them stand against the pressures of this generation, peer pressure and the culture they encounter every day.

Purpose of TCFA

TCFA members grow intimate with Jesus in an environment where they listen and are heard through words of God. They constantly seek for the spirit of God’s wisdom and the revelation of His knowledge. They believe in purpose, Holy Spirit baptism, and their faith is in God the creature of heaven and the earth. It is a refuge where they can become all that they were created to be, mighty battle axes in the hands of God, giving back to their communities and having a healthy self-love, and everyday build their self-leadership skill under the inspiration words of God.